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Albuquerque Slipsafe Services is your locally owned and operated premier floor waxing and maintenance service.

Our veteran staff has built a reputation based on trust and professionalism. Each and every member of our highly trained staff takes personal pride in and accepts complete accountability for the quality of their work.

Every service guaranteed means that you can be confident we’ll do everything we can to satisfy your needs.  We not only do the job right but we’ll instruct you on how to optimize your floor maintenance. We’re a small, local operation, and as such we have become a tight-knit group intent on pleasing our customers, who in turn become loyal patrons. Call us today for a free estimate.

Why should you choose Slipsafe for your maintenance needs?

Be careful who you hire to take care of your floors. Unfortunately there are some companies out there doing questionable work that we end up fixing because they won’t back up there own workmanship. Don’t pay twice for a job that you could pay us to do once. This isn’t brain surgery but there is definitely a right and wrong way to do this work.  We’ve also done a fair amount of sub-contract work for other janitorial companies who recognize they don’t have the expertise needed.  A Slipsafe manager will oversee every strip and wax to ensure that it comes out right the first time.  There is no need to pay for any portion of the job up front.  Our prices are always competitive.  We may not always be the cheapest but you’re sure to get your moneys worth with us.  We are licensed, bonded and insured for your protection and peace of mind.