This post is the second in a series on stripping and waxing floors and why it’s important. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, I recommend you do before continuing.

The stripping and waxing process itself is fairly simple, or it least it sounds simple. First, the old, worn wax or coating is removed. When done properly, dirt, grime, stains, and chemicals are removed with the old wax. Once the floor is stripped clean, a new, fresh layer of wax is applied, which not only makes the floor look great, but also continues to protect it from wear and damage.

stripping and waxing floors - large empty factory with concrete floor pictured

Why is stripping and waxing floors important?

Now that we’ve tackled the “what” of stripping and waxing floors, lets take a look at why it’s so important:

Because a freshly waxed floor looks great. This is the first and most obvious reason to have your floor stripped and waxed. If you have a floor in a showroom or retail area, you’ve got to keep it looking nice and clean. Nobody wants to shop on a dirty, dingy, stained floor, and having floors in poor shape reflects poorly on any business. However, the showroom isn’t the only place where great looking floors make a difference. Having dirty, stained or damaged floors in a back room, storage, or work area can have a big impact on employee morale. Who wants to work 8 or more hours today in a dingy looking space? Plus, when floors are dirty, stained, or damage, it’s harder to spot and clean up messes when they happen.

Because a well maintained floor is a long lasting floor. For many businesses, flooring is a huge asset. If it’s not maintained properly, it may need to be replaced prematurely. This results in lost business because you’ve got to shut down to replace the floor, not to mention the huge cost of floor replacement and the inconvenience of having to clear out your business so a contractor can work on the floors.

Check back soon for Welcome to the Albuquerque SlipSafe Surfaces blog! Part 3. In the meantime, check out our page on stripping and waxing floors.