Stripping and waxing floors

Stripping and waxing floors is one of the most difficult, time and labor intensive professional cleaning tasks. That’s why there’s an entire industry specializing in stripping and waxing floors, while most other cleaning tasks can be performed by a regular cleaning company. At Albuquerque SlipSafe Services, we have been stripping and waxing floors in the Albuquerque area for over 19 years. We have the tools, equipment, and expertise to handle any stripping and waxing job, from a small back room to an entire retail floor, and any surface you can imagine, including vinyl composition tile (VCT), concrete, stone, and more. When you choose Albuquerque SlipSafe Surfaces, you can rest assured your job will be completed with the highest level of professionalism and to the greatest possible performance of your surface.

stripping and waxing floors - empty warehouse with concrete floor pictures

On our blog, we’ll discuss everything related to stripping and waxing floors. We’ll talk about why its important to have your floor stripped and waxed, how it’s done, what separates a good strip and wax job from a poor one, and more. This time, we’ll start with the basics – what is stripping and waxing and why is it important to have it done to your floors?

What is stripping and waxing floors?

Floors in commercial spaces get a lot of abuse. Whether we’re talking about the aisles of a big box store that sees hundreds of customers a day, or an industrial floor that routinely gets exposed to solvents and chemicals, they usually start to look dingy much faster than any residential floor. No flooring material exists that can handle this kind of abuse on its own. That’s where coatings come in. By using a strong and durable coating, stains and wear can be captured before they soak in and damage the floor itself. Of course, this also means that the floor will need to be refinished periodically. That’s where stripping and waxing comes in. How often a floor needs to be stripped and waxed depends on how much traffic it gets and what kinds of chemicals it’s exposed to.

Check back soon for Welcome to the Albuquerque SlipSafe Surfaces blog! Part 2. In the meantime, check out our page on stripping and waxing floors.