Stripping and Waxing Floors, Buffing, and Maintenance by Albuquerque Slipsafe Floor Services

  • Strip, Seal & Wax; VCT, Concrete, etc
  • Deep Clean Ceramic Tiled Floors
  • Routine Buffing to Shine and Extend Floor Life
  • One-Time Jobs and Routine Maintenance
  • Bonded, Insured and Trusted Since 1989

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What types of floors do we service?

We strip, wax and maintain most floors, including VCT, linoleum, stained concrete, brick, ceramic, saltillo, terrazzo, terracotta, wood floors and more. Each type of flooring requires slightly different techniques to maintain properly and we can help you with whatever situation you may have.

What services do we perform?

Our strip and waxing services will completely remove old wax and dirt build-up then we’ll apply several coats of commercial grade wax finish.   We also perform scrub and waxes to top clean the existing wax then add a couple extra coats.  We offer a deep cleaning service for concrete, ceramic tiles and grout.  Speciality coatings can also be applied for extreme situations.  Our routine high speed buffing maintenance will help to clean, re-shine and progressively hardens the floor finish which in turn will help to extend the time between stripping & waxing, and make routine mopping easier and more effective. As a bonus we provide training and consultation to our customers personnel at no charge, on the correct way to care for their floors between buffings.

Why should you maintain your floors?

There are several reasons for having a well maintained floor. Our commercial grade floor finish protects floor surfaces from most damage and stains.  It’s more cost effective to re-surface your floors than to replace them.  Don’t let your floors become too damaged before you decide to have them waxed or they may not shine up as well.  Routine buffing maintenance will keep your floors looking shiny all the time. Your customers will appreciate seeing your clean, shiny floors, as it will promote confidence in your business. If you care about your floors then by default they assume you’re conscientious about your business. Your employees will also appreciate working in a clean environment.  A properly maintained floor will last longer than a neglected one! So call us today for a free quote.

How often should your floors be stripped and waxed?

A strip and wax could last from 1yr to several depending on certain factors such as foot traffic, maintenance procedures, types of chemicals being spilt or any other abuse that may affect the finish. Ultimately we understand that it’s your decision as to what degree of dirt that you’re willing to tolerate but we can definitely help keep your floors looking great all the time. Many of the customers that we regularly buff can go for years between strippings and still be shiny right up to that time. The abrasive qualities of dirt will eventually overcome but we’ve rescued many abused floors surprising our customers.

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