Professional Floor Waxing, Buffing, and Maintenance by Albuquerque Slipsafe Floor Services

  • Strip, Seal & Wax; VCT, Concrete, etc
  • Deep Clean Ceramic Tiled Floors
  • Routine Buffing to Shine and Extend Floor Life
  • One-Time Jobs and Routine Maintenance
  • Bonded, Insured and Trusted Since 1989

Free Floor Waxing Estimates – Every Job is Guaranteed!

We Strip Wax and Maintain most floors, including VCT, linoleum, stained concrete, wood, satillo, terrazzo, and terracatto floors. We also provide high speed buffing maintenance which helps to clean, re-shine and progressively harden the floor finish. Hardening the floors finish will help to extend the time between stripping & waxing, and make routine mopping more effective and easier. As a bonus we provide training and consultation to our customers personnel on the correct way to care for their floors between buffings.

There are lots of reasons for a nice floor wax at your business. If you have customers visiting your place of business, a nice clean floor shows you care about the impressions you make on them. Maybe your workplace only has employees and no walk in traffic. Do you think your employees like the idea of working in a dirty environment? Not very likely. There’s also the aspect of preserving the quality of your floor for as long as possible. Replacing a worn out floor isn’t cheap. A properly maintained floor will last longer than a neglected one! So call us today for a free quote.

We Are Not Always The Cheapest, But We Are The Best!